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Dear plugin developers,
As you may or may not already know, PocketMine-MP has released its API 3.0.0. Unlike many of the top server providers, PocketMine-MP does not have an "incompatibility filter". This means that plugins with API 2.0 will not work with API 3.0. In other providers such as Genisys or ClearSky, there is a filter that says something like, "Plugin API is too [new, old], starting plugin anyways" and no matter what the API Is, it will run the plugin. In PocketMine-MP, this does not exist. Therefore, if you want your plugin to work on PocketMine-MP, update the API to 3.0. Some developers are in the process of creating a web app that inserts API 3.0 into the plugin with almost no hassle.

I'm sure that you have heard about the new API for PocketMine-MP. If you run a server, and you do not use PocketMine-MP, then ignore this letter. If you do use PocketMine-MP, then read on. This simple tutorial will teach you exactly how to update each plugin so that it works on your PocketMine-MP server. There are three main methods to update the plugin to API 3.0.
1. Contact a plugin developer to do it for you
2. Wait for a web developer to make a website to update a plugin to API 3.0 automatically
3. Follow the tutorial below for How to update a plugin to API 3.0 for noobs in 10 easy steps!
Step 1: Download the plugin
2. Upload the plugin to http://unphar.com/ and select your desired Output Format
3. When unphar.com is finished, Download the file that it provides you with. Don't worry, this website is trusted and will not give you any viruses.
4. Unzip/unrar the program
5. Navigate to the plugin.yml file
6. Inside the plugin.yml, you will see the following line
api: 2.0.0
Please note: The "2.0.0" can be any number. You must change it to the following
api: [2.0.0, 3.0.0, 3.0.1, 3.1.0, 3.0.0-ALPHA1]
Having all of those numbers will ensure that you do not have to go through this...​
The Imagical Corporation and the ImagicalMine staff team wishes everybody in the community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thanks for supporting the ImagicalMine community this year and have a lovely Christmas & New Year with your family.
Make sure you keep up-to-date with news around the community during this lovely, festive holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year again!

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Hi all,
Thanks for supporting the forums project. It's been a wonderful journey and we hope that you've made friends and other programmers who also enjoy coding throughout your time online. It has come to our attention that there needs to be a further project to support futuristic expansion, and we're asking for your help on what project we should work on.
Please post any suggestions, comments or feedback on what we should work on as a future project that will hopefully boost visitor count, benefit the community and create an enjoyable experience for everyone. Please also share this link - it'd be wonderful if everybody had a say in this discussion.
On behalf of the ImagicalMine staff team, thank you!
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Hello community,
These forums are directed at the developing aspect of MCPE. This includes servers, plugins, and mods. All client-side features, such as seeds, or support, should go to the new MCPE Forums - https://forums.mcpe.me/
Share that with your friends, so we can extend that community further!
Thank you!
EDIT: Changed URL to minecraftpe.mcpe.me as of 4/8/2016.
EDIT: Website has been closed.

- ImagicalMine Community Forums Staff Team
Announcement Huge Forums Update
Hello there, ImagicalMine community!
Today, at approx 7:12 AEST, we received a large DDoS attack on the forums servers. We've now enabled Cloudflare on all of our websites to make sure this doesn't happen again. However, we've also sacrificed TLS for Cloudflare services - so just be mindful of the security around here now!
As we approach the end of July, it's been quite a bumpy ride for us all on the forums. From the new VIP ranks, to the plugin contest & theme changes, to @ImagicalTom resigning, and then finally to this DDoS attack, I'd like to thank you all for being a part of the community. Traffic has also been quite unpredictable, with ups and downs through this month, as shown in the picture below.

So how was your experience this month? Good or bad? We'd also like to know, throughout your journey on the forums, whether it be joining in December, or just a few days ago, what we can improve on. What can we do to encourage more visitors to come on? What can we do to make these forums a better place? What can we do to make you come on to these forums every time with a smile on your face? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

EDIT: All the old themes have been brought back to life, including the beloved Iodine theme. Feel free to choose which theme you like at the bottom of the page.

Have an enjoyable time till the month ends.
- The ImagicalMine Community Forums Staff Team