Announcement @ImagicalTom is fired

Recently, the former administrator and owner of Synexious, Ltd (the former company that replaced Imagical Corporation), @ImagicalTom, took too much control over the community and its staff members, he started to require personal information of our staff.
While thinking too much of law, and seeing our Minecraft community as a non-profit organisation, he started to encourage all staff members that didn't want to share their identities; to leave.
Because of this, @Keith overtook the control of the community, leaving @ImagicalTom with a special rank ("retired & retarded"). Tom and his company is no longer affiliated with ImagicalMine or Imagical Corporation.
This unfortunately had already gone too far though before action was taken. We believe that some members of our forum (staff members, and possibly some others) may have already left. If you know of this happening, please try to contact them and tell them of the change, encouraging them to come back.
EDIT: @ImagicalTom's rank have been changed to "Retired Staff" 09/13/2016.
EDIT: Just to clarify, all staff members that already had left at that time, is now back again. :)

Apologies for the inconvenience caused of this.
- ImagicalMine Community Forums Staff.
Hey all,
After discussing what other activities we could organise on the forums to promote the platform, we came up with organising a plugin contest, named ImagicalContest.
What are the twists?
- Each author can only submit ONE plugin. If you submit more than one, a staff member will simply select one to enter into and the other one will be deleted from the contest.
- When you enter a plugin, that is it. You may not update the plugin during the contest - this counts as cheating and will not be tolerated.

How do I enter?
To enter the contest, simply upload a plugin like you usually would - but add the orange prefix "Contest". The plugin will be approved unless we suspect or know that it is a stolen plugin. You cannot enter a plugin that is not yours(even with permission).

Can I join a team and enter a plugin?
We prefer not having team entries. We can't "split" prizes evenly for each member in the team.

Can I enter an existing plugin that was uploaded?
Yes, you may. Simply add the contest prefix.

Will my plugin be deleted after the contest?
No, they won't. The contest prefix will simply be deleted and your plugin will still be intact(without the prefix of course).

How are the plugins judged?
The plugins are judged by the community in the first stage! Most of the staff members will also want to compete too! To judge a plugin, simply give it a rating out of five stars. The plugins with the most stars will go into the second stage of judging.

What are the prizes?
The prizes are a free VIP upgrade within the forums. 1st prize will receive a year of free upgrades, 2nd prize will receive 6 months and 3rd prize will receive 3 months.

If you have any more questions, feel free to DM me or a staff member. Thanks for participating!
Hello ImagicalMine community,
Behind the scenes, ImagicalMine staff members have been in conversation with each other as a group about VIP ranks. A VIP rank will grant the member a handful of forums benefits, such as, but not limited to a rank(ribbon under their username), advertisement removal & live update enabled on threads and conversations. More benefits should be recommended as a post under this thread. We also wish to have your thoughts on this idea, whether it should be implemented or not, what is defined as a "reasonable price" for the rank, whether the benefits should be for lifetime or a monthly/yearly subscription, and what other benefits should be included in the rank. Please also vote on the poll above, you have 3 days to vote(as of writing). Thank you!
- Tom, Imagical Corporation Owner & the rest of the ImagicalMine Community Staff Team
Hello ImagicalMine community,
We recently conducted a poll on paid plugins and your thoughts on it. Thank you for voting in that poll - it was pretty close. The final results were: 28 for the idea, and 30 against the idea. As a result, paid plugins will not be implemented into the forums. Feel free to suggest other ideas to improve the forums however. Thank you for voting once again!
- ImagicalMine Community Forums Staff
Hey all,
I've been in talks with @yungtechboy1 about paid plugins on the forums. Firstly, I personally don't like the idea, because MCPE server software is open-source and free. Plugins are basically an extension of that software, and should be free as well. However, plugin developers also like something back in return for their hard work. So now, we're going to put this issue to you. Do you feel that paid plugins should be allowed on the forums?
If it is implemented, we will do our best to limit all scams. All transactions will be done through us in a safe & secure environment. This means the plugin will be uploaded to the forums before the purchaser has even paid (obviously, they can't download it or view the source, etc.)
Preferably if you have a Twitter account, vote on our poll on our Twitter page (@ImagicalMine), as it makes my life easier crunching the results. If you don't, that's alright. You can also vote on the poll above. Thanks for voting!