Hey all,
We're sorry to announce that our GitHub organisation was "hacked" by one of our fellow staff members, @Dalton Edwards. We're sorry that our security has been breached, and we can promise you that we will do everything we can so that this doesn't happen again. We're in negotiations with GitHub, to make ImagicalMine live again. We know what we did wrong, and as soon as we get access to the account again, we'll be doing all that we can to live up to the security standard that you and the rest of the team want. As for now, we would like you to sign your name @ https://github.com/ImagicalCorp/dear-github to help us stop any other admin rights abusers. By signing your name, you support that GitHub should immediately take care of, and do everything it can to stop the abuser from spreading and destroying any other community like ours. As we said, we are sorry we didn't live up to our security standard we usually do, and we will take the correct steps to make it correct this time. Thank you.

Best regards,
- The Imagical Corporation & ImagicalMine Team
Hello ImagicalMine community!
I have been updating the forums today with all sorts of new security and anti-rule bypasses to the forums today. This includes the arrival of our new ImagicalMine Forums robot, which welcomes all new members with a welcome conversation when you register on the forums. The robot gives members a brief overview of how to gain trophy points and and of course, a quick welcome message.
The update also brings back the confirmation emails, which are now required to complete your registration because of the amount of duplicate accounts and spam we have had over the last 2 months. This also means the mail server has been fixed, allowing you to reset your password and receive emails about the threads you've subscribed to.
There is also a new timer on new registrations per IP. This means that you can only create one account per hour, which stops mass-spamming of registration accounts and stops duplicate accounts for a while. Please remember you will be permanently banned if you create duplicate accounts for any reason.
Notices can also be dismissed now. They have been quite an annoying feature on mobile devices, taking up half the screen. You can dismiss them by clicking the "X" located at the top-right hand corner of the notice.

That's all for now, enjoy your time on the ImagicalMine Forums!
This message is a final farewell to @hoyinm14mc and @xBeastMode1 who will be leaving us soon for their own personal life. Thank you for the joy you have brought to this growing community, as well as the carefully-coded and reviewed plugins that have helped users and members greatly. You leave a long legacy behind you. Know that when you leave, you will be missed and always remembered.
@hoyinm14mc - thank you for committing as part of the PHP7 update process, the 0.14.1 update and small bug fixes. Your plugins have also benefited the repository greatly. As you turn towards the ups and downs of your school life, know that any support or help needed will always be found here.
@xBeastMode1 - you won't leave for long, but you'll be missed. I'm sure your plugins will be continued and updated by a worthy developer. Good luck for the time being!
Post your own farewell messages below in the comments. Thanks again to these 2 staff members!
Hi all,
We've been receiving many invalid and inappropriate reports over the last few weeks. Please use the report system appropriately or you will be banned. This includes reporting resource updates and the reason is "broken link". There was also another report reporting the rules with the reason "cool". Again, if you do not use the reporting system appropriately we will be banning you. There will be only one warning.
Hello every nice user of ImagicalMine out there,

We have been getting even more people asking this question than every before:
Or saying
Moderators, Staff Members, Support Team, and helpful users are all getting tired of answering this question repeatedly.

From now onward, if you post some kind of question relating to "not enough trophies", then you will get a warning. Not a warning point, just a warning. This warning will be in the form of a conversation.

If you ignore the warning and post that type of message again, you will receive one warning point, as well as another warning in the form of a conversation.

Once again, if you continue to ignore, you will receive 2 more warning points, and after that a temporary ban.

We do not want to be too mean, so users who have already posted this question do not get warnings or warning points.

Now, I know what you are thinking. That is very, very harsh. Why, not really. This question has been answered in MANY different threads, and many announcements such as
and this
and now, here it is AGAIN:
Trophy Points
In order to get trophy points, you must complete one of the following:
You may have done on of these...