Announcement SSL for the forums!
Hi all,
I'm here to announce great news! We've got SSL/TLS certificates for the forums now! This means all your data is now encrypted and is sent through a secure tunnel directly to the server. Your passwords and all other data is more secure than ever. Never fear about hackers gaining account to the forums - they won't! Have awesome fun on the forums, knowing your account and security is more secure now!
Announcement Plugin field updates
Hi all,
I'm just here to announce that we've added new "FAQ" and "Documentation" tabs for plugins! This way, you can set instructions on further requirements to run the plugin or answer questions without having users bother you everyday of the year! This should be a great addition to the plugin manager and we hope that this helps plugin developers distribute the plugin and users understand more about how the plugin should be used.
Hello Everyone,

Lately ImagicalMine has been welcoming many new members, but they all have the same question. "How do I get trophy points and plugins?". They also have other questions too, but the thing is, many of these questions have already been answered in other posts - so this is for everyone with questions to ask and things to post!

Sure if you need help you can ask, but post it in the right forum area (The support section), and make the post worthwhile. Also check that you're not just repeating something someone else has already asked.
For example, don't post a thread in the "Introduce Me" forum section and the only thing you say is "Hi I'm a person" or say "How do you get trophy points?". The "Introduce Me" forum is to introduce yourself to the community, giving a bit of information like what your skills are, what your other accounts are, and similar. But what if you don't want to give away any information like that? Then sure, don't make a thread in the "Introduce Me" area, it's not necessary, just optional, I didn't make one until a month or two after I had registered! Please title posts meaningfully, or the thread has the possibility of being deleted.

Now to those of you who are asking the question, "How do I get trophy points or download plugins?", well, before you spam the forums, read this. To download plugins you need three trophie points, so only members of the ImagicalMine community can download, not just any random spammer. So this rule was created, trophy points were there from the start, but here was another use for them. In order to get trophy points you must post one message (or more) and have that message liked by someone- which is actually pretty easy. Remember, don't post a spam post, or a crazy post just to get someone to like the post. Here is the total trophy point list:
Hi all,
As you all know, the forums were down for quite a couple if hours. If you didn't know, then you know now XD
This was a result of moving the forums to a better server. So hopefully there will be no more "CPU limit exceeded" errors! However, during the backup of the forums files, somehow my computer must have stuffed up and didn't backup some plugins and plugin icon files. And of course, the old server is already deleted... Which means you'll have to reupload some plugins which were recently posted. Sorry! But after all, this server is much better than the old one XD

UPDATE: I've fixed the permissions error with uploading avatars and resources, I apologise for the error. Please reupload your plugins and avatars ASAP.
Hello all,
ImagicalMine has been undergoing some big changes and below are some important changes for you to be notified about. Thanks for your support for ImagicalMine!

The license that protects PocketMine and ImagicalMine has been changed. The PocketMine-MP code base that ImagicalMine was built on retains the LGPL license, but all changes made by the Imagical Corporation and other third-party organisations into ImagicalMine is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. For more details about the new restrictions, please see the new license at

The headers and profile icons on all ImagicalMine accounts have been updated with the ImagicalMine logo. Please remember that if you're tweeting to us, you tweet to @ImagicalTeam, NOT @ImagicalCorp or @ImagicalStatus, because all tweets will be ignored.

The installation instructions for nearly all operating systems on have been updated. The "get URL" for ImagicalMine is now - this redirects to the shell script that installs ImagicalMine hosted on GitHub. It should work fine for Mac and Linux - we may need some Raspberry Pi & ODROID trials as they have been unconfirmed to work.

You can contact us at [email protected] if you want to drop us an email just to say hello, [email protected] if there are any technical difficulties with the website or the Jenkins server and [email protected] if you are having problems with installation or running ImagicalMine, etc.
You can also contact @keithkfng(me!) at [email protected], @matcracker at...