We've had a couple of reports of stolen plugins over the last few days. I won't mention the perpetrator's username, but you are not allowed to do this - it won't be tolerated. Just to remind you - here are the plugin submission rules again:
  1. Plugin must have a clear description in the overview page to tell the functions and usage of your plugin to the users.
  2. Plugin must be compiled in phar. You may use pmt.mcpe.me or DevTools to compile your plugin.
  3. Deleting the plugin and submitting it again to reset ratings will blacklist the author of the plugin and all plugins will be removed.
  4. The plugin should serve a purpose. Make sure it is able to be used. Test it before uploading it.
  5. Plugin title should not be repeated.
  6. Do not ask for featuring your plugin. Plugin reviewers will feature your plugin if they think that your plugin is fully functional and well featured.
  7. Featured plugins should contain an icon, a brief documentation, and a clear description. The plugin needs to be well featured and (maybe?) contains special features.
  8. The description must use proper English.
  9. Plugin must include its project website, or website with its source code(if exists).
  10. Plugin must support the latest ImagicalMine or PocketMine API.
  11. Plugin reviewers and staff members have the last word to approve a plugin or not. Do not complain if your plugin gets rejected, but you may ask any plugin reviewers for the reason.
  12. Rules may be modified frequently to keep it updated. Please always read this page before submitting plugins.
  13. Featured plugins will be unfeatured if they aren't support the latest IM API version after the API bumps for 2 weeks.
  14. Your plugin must not be stolen. If your plugin is found to be stolen, you will receive 2 warning points + a 3 month ban. If uploading a plugin with permission from the original...
Well, I was happy for about 2 months and proud that I didn't have to warn or ban anybody in this forum. But today, I've found three lawbreakers(maybe not that severe) who broke the server submission guidelines rules. Believe it or not, I found 5 messages reported - and some of them were written in Russian? Not that sure... So I'm now going to explain the warning system. Basically, it's 2 warning points and you're out. The "out" bit is a PERMANENT ban, which means you won't be able to register or login again. A moderator will choose whether to ban you or not by checking whether the message is appropriate or follows the guidelines in the forum you posted. Any advertising in normal forum threads(except for the Servers section) will be deleted and you will be warned. Please note that depending on the moderator, your points may or may not expire. For those who woke up on the wrong side of the bed - you have been warned of this system.

PLEASE NOTE: All new accounts now require manual review from a staff member before you can start posting or do any activity as a member around the forums. This is a protocol to stop spammers and users going against the rules.
Announcement Announce your server!
Some of you may have noticed the new little "Servers" icon in the navigation bar. There is now a Servers forum in which you may showcase your server. Make sure it matches the server submission rules in the forum. We also require you to register your server @ minecraftpocket-servers.com and make your plugin list public. You can take it down as soon as a moderator has checked that your server is using ImagicalMine - however, this isn't a free pass to dump ImagicalMine once we've checked it. We'll be frequently checking the status of your server - and if it isn't online 24/7, your server thread will be taken down. Good luck with your servers!
Hi all!
I'm pleased to announced the new IRC channel dedicated to ImagicalMine! It's #imagicalmine, and you can connect to it via irc.freenode.net and if you're on a mobile device, or can't be bothered to use your PC because it's so dull and boring, you can connect to it via http://webchat.freenode.net. Happy chatting! BTW I haven't added any rules yet, so talk about anything you like as long as it's on-topic.

Keith and the rest of the Imagical Corporation/ImagicalMine Team
The Imagical Corporation/ImagicalMine Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

We hope you have an amazing time this Christmas Eve / Christmas / Friday with your family and friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend if you are lucky enough to have one, and getting many gifts from Mr. Santa Clause!

As a gift from us to you, we would like to um, we don't have much so we give you all our warm "Thank You!" for being with ImagicalMine on this fine Christmas and allowing this project and the amazing community to exist!

Make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest ImagicalMine news and be alert of new releases on this holiday season.

Best wishes,
The Imagical Corporation/ImagicalMine Team